Katie Brown, MScN

Katie Brown

Katie has always enjoyed caring for people, whether she was nannying and teaching children, or visiting elderly in hospice. Helping others learn and feel better is what makes her flourish.

Her passion for nutrition started when her health started declining and she could not get answers from the conventional medical system. Finances and hope were diminishing. After a couple years of pain and distress she came across the naturopathic community. Finally, she was really listened to and started to find answers and heal. She is still a work in progress, as is everyone, and loves to share what she has learned and continues to learn as health and nutrition are a lifelong study.

 Her main goal is to help others avoid what she went through by teaching them to listen to their body, feed it well and maintain a healthy balance of physical, mental, and spiritual health. She also believes it is of extreme importance to treat everyone as the unique individual they are instead of following strict protocol. That is why she takes time to listen and go over details carefully before preparing a plan to achieve better health.

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