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<button class="accordion">How do I know which Provider is best for me?</button>
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  <p>All our Chiropractors received the same training from the University of Western States. This college is an evidence-based program, meaning that all our techniques and approaches are based on facts and actual results. Dr. Pete is also a Physical Therapist, receiving his training at the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Mike is also a CCSP, Sports Chiropractor and specializes in sports related injuries and biomechanics while Dr. Lindsay is our only female Chiropractor. Our three massage therapists vary slightly in treatment styles that they offer but they are all comfortable and more than capable catering to your needs. Don’t hesitate to ask our receptionist when booking who is the best choice for you.</p>

<button class="accordion">How long do Appointments take?</button>
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  <p>Your initial appointment with the Chiropractor will take 60 minutes – this appointment includes a thorough history, exam and treatment unless further examination is required. Follow up appointments will be 30 minutes. </p>
Initial appointments for Acupuncture are 90 minutes with follow up appointments being 75 minutes. </p>

<button class="accordion">Do Adjustments hurt?</button>
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  <p>Treatment and adjustments are usually pain free. The thrust provided during an adjustment is very fast and shallow, allowing it to be comfortable. However, depending on the pain you are experiencing and your pain tolerance levels, adjustments could potentially be uncomfortable. Your provider will always be open with you about what is the safest/pain free option.</p>

<button class="accordion"> What is the cracking/popping sound?</button>
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  <p>It was discovered that the cracking sound you hear during an adjustment is the collapse of a gas bubble formed in synovial fluid. Most of our joints are surrounded with a lubricating fluid called synovial fluid. During joint manipulation, a change in pressure forms a bubble in that fluid that has an audible release as the bubble collapses. There has been no proven therapeutic effect from the cracking sound. It may have a psychological effect on healing, however. </p>
<button class="accordion"> What kind of education do Chiropractors receive?</button>
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  <p>Chiropractors participate in a three to four-year doctorate program following undergraduate school that includes a minimum requirement of 4,200 hours training in basic and clinical sciences. This also includes a 15-month internship program that includes a minimum of 1,145 hours spent training with actual patients. Once licensed, chiropractors are required to perform 20 hours of continuing education each year in the state of Oregon.  </p>
  <button class="accordion">Is cracking my own neck or fingers harmful?</button>
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  <p>We often see people cracking their knuckles or twisting their neck to get momentary relief. It is important to note that no harmful effects from these activities have been found in studies. However, you are more than likely moving segments that already move easily. When you are adjusted by our chiropractors, we are evaluating the spine and extremities for segments and joints that don’t move well. We are then treating those joints to improve the motion at that level. Self-adjusting creates hypermobility at joints that move too easily which can hinder your progress.</p>
   <button class="accordion"> What supplements should I be taking? </button>
<div class="panel">
  <p>Supplements vary by the induvial. The best choice would be to get all the nutrients and vitamins you need from your diet. However, with the American diet and fast paced lifestyle most of us live, this isn’t practical. A multivitamin is useful for important vitamins and minerals lacking in our diets and Vitamin D is especially important when living in Oregon due to the lack of sunshine. Please ask your provider about supplements if you have any questions! </p>
   <button class="accordion"> What is Laser? </button>
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  <p> Laser Therapy is a non-invasive therapy that uses photo-bio-stimulation, a fancy way of saying that the laser penetrates deep into tissue to stimulate your own cells to activate the healing process. The healing process works to reduce pain and inflammation. Laser therapy is considered very safe and you only feel a slight warmth during treatment. The laser can’t be used over metal implants and may fade the ink over tattoos.  Laser works most effectively when treatments are performed close in proximity and results are usually noticed after 4-5 treatments.  </p>
   <button class="accordion"> How many appointments will I need? </button>
<div class="panel">
  <p>Your provider will be able to give you a more accurate timeline following your initial appointment. However, as a general rule of thumb, the following information is true. For minor, acute complaints, dramatic improvement can be seen after 4-6 treatments. More chronic complaints can take between 8-20 treatments to see improvement in symptoms. Every single case varies on how long it takes to start feeling better, but your provider will always map out a plan for you and give you the tools to do your part in healing.  </p>
   <button class="accordion"> Will my Insurance cover treatment? </button>
<div class="panel">
  <p>Our Chiropractors, Acupuncturist and Massage Therapists all accept different insurances. Depending on the plan you have and your benefits, services may or may not be covered. When your first appointment is made, our billing specialist will check your benefits and let you know if you are covered. If your insurance does not cover the services you are interested in, we do have time of service prices that are available.   </p>

 <button class="accordion"> Is Chiropractic appropriate for kids? </button>
<div class="panel">
  <p>Chiropractic is appropriate for kids! We receive pediatric training in our schooling and always use a gentle method of treatment when it comes to the fragile bodies of kids and adolescents. The typical adjustment you think of when talking about chiropractic is an HVLA (High velocity, low amplitude) thrust. With kids and many other populations, mobilizations and low force thrusts are used.    </p>
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